Check out this cool video that the River City Chapter and the National Federation of the Blind took part in. A blind person actually took the video during the event.

Event Video NFB Members standing and waiting to participate in the Guinness World Record Event on July 8th, 2015 in Orlando Florida Watch the Video of NFB Making History
Guinness World Record Certificate Cover Left Inside of Guinness World Record Certificate Guinness World Record Certificate of Participation
Front Cover
The Official
Guinness World Record
Certificate of Participation Folder
Left Inside reads:
Dear Participant,
I am delighted to present you with this Certificate of Participation to recognize your important contribution to the Guinness Word Records title.
At Guinness World Records, we have been measuring, verifying and recording the world’s achievements since 1954. Today our mission is to maintain an archive of records that inspires, engages and entertains people across the globe, and celebrates the world’s best.
The record that you participated in is now one of th 40,000 world records that are held on the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSdatabase. Of the thousands of applications we receive every month, less than 5% actually make it to become an official entry in our archive. As a member of this select group, you should be extremely proud of your achievement.
On behalf of Guinness World Records, I would like to personally congratulate you on your GUINNESS WORLD RECORDs achievement.
Right Inside that reads:
Certificateof Participation
Participated in the following record event:
The largest umbrella mosaic consists of 2,480 participants and was achieved by the National Federation of the Blind (USA) in Orlando, Florida, USA, on 8 July.

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